The Technology

Bacterial Detection

Eluceda can detect bacteria, or indeed any DNA, through application of its patented technology. The test can produce results in a matter of minutes, quicker than currently available technology that can take hours or even days.

The technique is incredibly sensitive and can be developed to test different DNA on a single test and thus multiple bacteria could be tested within one test and therefore the potential use within diagnostics is vastly increased as one test can replace multiple individual tests as is the current practice. The system is incredibly sensitive and in principle can detect as few as one bacterium or as little as one piece of DNA.

Eluceda Testing Comparison

Small molecule detection

In a similar way to the DNA testing, Eluceda can detect any small molecule that a customer is interested in detecting. This could be trace levels of a marker system for anti-counterfeit usage in branded goods, alcohol or fuel to protect tax revenue. The technology can quantify levels of a few parts per trillion (ppt) to parts per billion (ppb) in a few seconds. Technology like this is very difficult to copy and launder as it would be unidentifiable to standard analytical techniques.

Eluceda have the know-how to develop new markers for anti-counterfeit usage on a wide variety of products to reflect the needs of this market.

Eluceda also can detect small molecules for environmental or other testing where the level of chemicals within an environment needs to be quatified. Again this can be done very quickly and to a very high sensitivity.

Small Molecule Analysis




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